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        How to deal with the scratch of Rado watch? Our technicians from Beijing Rado service center provide the following information for you. If the watch is worn between wrists, it is inevitable to bump in daily life, and it will leave a certain degree of scratch. Slight scratches don't need to worry, it won't affect the normal operation of the watch, but if you touch a sharp object, the scratch will be more serious. So, how to deal with the scratch of watch? Next we Beijing Rado after-sales service center technicians to tell you.

        For deep scratches on the watch case or strap, if local treatment is required before maintenance, the deeper scratches shall be carefully smoothed under the magnifying glass. If there are deep scratches, it is necessary to polish them with oilstone. When the scratches are basically polished off, choose the sand paper with appropriate grain size and grind it along the original sand drawing lines. It is suggested that the sand paper should be used in the jewelry industry, preferably imported. The scratch is deep. It is recommended to go to our Beijing Rado after sales service center for repair.


        How to deal with the scratch of Longines Watch

        1. If the scratch is shallow, you can squeeze an appropriate amount of toothpaste on a cloth or sponge, and then apply a little water on the scratch. Wipe it repeatedly. Do not use too much force. After a few minutes, you will see that the scratch will become shallow and may disappear, or you can wipe it with K-gold wiping cloth and magic cloth.

        2. For hand-held tools, it is recommended to use the hemostatic forceps on the surgical operation. Take only a small piece of sandpaper, fold it in half and clamp it tightly with hemostatic forceps, parallel to the original grain to do sanding. The watch shell is made of stainless steel. When operating, pay attention not to scratch it. If necessary, cover it with adhesive tape.

        3. For the case and strap that need sanding and polishing process, sanding and polishing should be done first, and then polishing and polishing should be done. It just needs to cover the sanding part that has been repaired. Simply use adhesive tape, and the more regular one needs to make metal template, which is also used to cover the polishing.

        How to deal with the scratch of Rado watch? The above content is all about how to repair the scratch of Rado watch. I hope this article can help you. If you have any questions about the repair or maintenance of Rado watch, you can always consult our Beijing Rado repair center. There will be professional personnel to answer them for you. We Beijing Rado repair center welcome your call, service Hotline: 400-061-9500.

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