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       Radar watch maintenance common sense, now we Beijing radar maintenance service center to provide you with the following, radar watch as the world's top watch, I believe you should not be unfamiliar, there are many friends feel that such as radar watch is not maintenance, in fact, this is wrong, in fact, no matter how expensive watches need maintenance, next we Beijing radar watch The after-sales service center will explain the common sense of radar watch maintenance.

       Radar watch maintenance knowledge

       1. It's better to wind up at a fixed time every day, once a day. Turn the watch handle with proper speed, not too tight. It's too tight. The spring is easily stuck by the oil in the spring box. When the spring is relaxed, it is easy to be broken because of too much elasticity;

       2. Watch should not vibrate violently. It's better to take it off when playing ball or hitting things with hands. Watch is also afraid of water. Therefore, when washing clothes, washing hands or doing other work in contact with water, it is best to take down the watch.

       3. If there is fog or water spot on the watch glass, you should go to the regular Beijing radar after-sales maintenance center for maintenance in time, wipe off the fog and water spot, and dry the movement. But if there is only some fog, it will disappear by itself when the weather is dry.


       4. Don't open the meter cover at will to avoid dust falling in, and don't dial it randomly. If it's broken, send it to Beijing radar after-sales maintenance center for maintenance.

       5. Don't put the watch on the radio when you don't wear it, so as not to be magnetized by the magnet of the loudspeaker and affect the travel time.

       6. Watches should not be put together with camphor, because camphor is a very volatile substance, which is easy to solidify the engine oil and lose its lubricating effect, thus damaging the accuracy of watches.

       7. The hardness of the watch glass is not high, so it should avoid rubbing with sharp and hard materials, and avoid being corroded by high pressure, high heat and chemical reagents, so as to avoid scratching or damage. If there are slight marks, you can apply toothpaste on the flannelette and rub it back and forth on the surface glass to clean the marks. Remember not to wipe with alcohol, in order to prevent the surface glass and alcohol play a chemical role and break.

       Radar watch maintenance common sense, the above is only for reference, specific analysis, different watches have different attention details, or need to see the operation guide. If you still have problems with watch maintenance, you can call our service hotline of Beijing radar after-sales service center: 400-061-9500.

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