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        What's the effect of a broken handle on Rado's watch? Will it damage the movement? Beijing Rado after sales service center answers for you. The handle plays an important role in the appearance of the Rado watch, and the handle is the core part of the strap of the Rado watch. In daily use, the opening and closing of the handle should be smooth, and the closing force should be moderate. Because the improper operation of the table is broken, it is easy to have problems. So, if there is a problem with your Rado watch handle, will it affect the movement? Let's take a look at what the professional technicians of Beijing Rado maintenance center say, hoping to help you.

       1、 One is just the head of the watch handle falling off, the other is the head of the watch handle falling off together with the tappet. In the former case, the handle head is often retracted or broken due to corrosion and external force impact. In the latter case, it is more complicated, but generally speaking, it is because the tail hook of the watch movement disengages or cannot lock the handle groove.


       2、 The causes of the failure include the wear of the splint, the wear of the tail hook, the looseness of the pull screw, the deformation and damage of the handle, etc. in the early years, the old watches generally used the pull screw to fix the handle, while the current watches are basically fixed by the pull shaft, so many of the old watches dropped the handle due to the looseness of the pull screw.

       3、 The handle of a watch is very easy to rust. After long-term use, the waterproof rubber ring in the handle head will be aging, resulting in poor sealing. The position of the handle is the first to bear the brunt of the watch air intake. The corroded watch handle will become thinner at the root, and the strength will decrease. There is also the seeded handle (common in Roman and Mido watches).

       4、 The so-called child and mother taps are the two sections of watch handles for the molecular taps and the mother taps. They are elastically matched. The rusted watch handle will be elastically reduced, so it is easy to be pulled out.

       Beijing Rado after-sales service center warm tips: no matter what watches need careful maintenance and maintenance, because only in this way can your watch reduce the frequency of failure, and also can avoid your economic loss. If you still have any questions you don't understand or need watch maintenance, please consult our professional technicians in time, they will do online answers for you. If you have other concerns, please go to the shop for more effective consultation. We have been engaged in watch maintenance for more than ten years, and have strong technical force and experience. Please feel free to consult. Welcome to call or to the shop for consultation Ready to provide you with considerate service.

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