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Harm of dust to rado mechanical watch

作者:雷达维修服务中心   日期:2021.03.05

        Dust is harmful to the Rado mechanical watch. People usually think that the watch is very durable and strong enough. In fact, after a long period of wear, the gap between gears can let small dust pass easily. For the new watch, the gear tightness is very good, and the gap is relatively accurate. However, many watchers are curious to open the new watch, and after a period of time, the watch will not go. What harm does dust do to watches? Let's talk about it from Beijing Rado after sales service center.

       1、 When the carbon dust in the air comes into the gear working area, as long as it's not a pocket watch, it will pass smoothly. Because the carbon dust is tiny, it's as simple as a car wheel crushing an apple. So we don't have to worry about it.

       2、 Hard quartz particles are very frightening, especially in urban construction. They have the characteristics of strong penetration, hard quality and long half decay period. When the quartz particles float into the working area of the movement, the old watch (excluding pocket watch and clock) will run them over, but they will leave traces on the cross section of the gear and adhere to it, which is stubborn, especially the copper alloy gear As for the new watch, it can become intermittent stop and other symptoms.


       3、 The damage of human body debris to the watch is not too great, because human body debris is soft. When it comes into the mechanical part, the movement will run over as usual. There are certain obstacles to the operation of the escapement system, but it can still pass through. When it comes to dandruff with a straight diameter of 0.08mm, the second hand wheel and the tug shaft have a significant impact As a result, the machine is not running smoothly.

       4、 Fiber: artificial fiber, in particular, is the most taboo we need. Most of the implementation shows that the incubation period of artificial fiber about precision machinery will become similar to human diseases is ordinary and frightening. When this kind of fiber enters the movement quietly, it may not stop, or the fiber will gradually report to the second axle after passing through the box wheel.

       However, the second wheel is the most unfortunate, and its strength is also the weakest. When the fiber entangles with the second axis, the movement energy will gradually appear some strange problems, such as intermittent stop, incomplete release of energy, stop and other symptoms. So occasionally, we shake it, and it starts to walk again. After a while, it stops again, so some watches just need to wash the oil .

       Dust harm to Rado mechanical watch, the above content is about the harm of Rado hands into the dust, I hope this article can help you, if you still about Rado watch repair or maintenance problems, you can consult our Beijing Rado after-sales service center, there will be professional technical personnel to solve all the problems about watch repair.

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