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作者:雷达维修服务中心   日期:2021.01.23

       Rado watches always pay attention to the quality of watches. Every watch is hand-made, which gathers all the efforts of all craftsmen. Every watch made is a classic. The travel time error of Rado watch is one of the common watch faults. Even the watch like Rado can't avoid it. So why does Rado watch have travel time error? Here are the professional technicians of Beijing Rado maintenance center.

       The battery of Rado quartz meter has no power or insufficient capacity and needs to be replaced with a new one. However, the pointer quartz electronic watch often finds that the battery has no power in a short time. According to the official website of Rado watch, this situation is generally caused by high power consumption or poor quality of the battery itself. In this case, we should first find out the reason, remove the fault, and then replace the new battery.

       Contact is not good, most of the positive and negative contact reed on the dirt, poor contact with the battery. The contact between the signal output point on the circuit board and the lead out point of the coil wire head will also have poor contact. All of these will cause the circuit not to conduct, and make the quartz electronic watch slow, fast or stop. If the circuit is blocked due to poor contact, the contact surface should be fully cleaned first, and then reassembled.


       The daily difference of Rado mechanical watch is normal in 45 seconds, but the new watch usually goes faster. When the oil goes away, it will slowly return to normal. In addition, too intense movement will also affect the normal operation of the mechanical watch's balance wheel, which will directly cause the watch's inaccurate travel time.

       There are many reasons for the inaccuracy, high accuracy and long-term stability of Rado mechanical watch, such as aging, failure and the quality and quantity of lubricating oil. Maybe the watch is magnetized. Don't wear a mechanical watch in places with large magnetic field such as computers. Now you need to go to Beijing Rado for after-sales degaussing.

       Beijing Rado after sales service center warm tips: the accuracy of the watch, in addition to its own quality, has a lot to do with the daily wearing habits of watch friends. We should not worry about the daily accuracy of the watch which is almost zero error. All watches have a certain error range, within which we say the travel time of the watch is accurate. If your watch goes wrong, please recognize Beijing Rado after-sales service, and the professional technicians of Beijing Rado after-sales service will check and repair it for you.

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