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作者:雷达维修服务中心   日期:2021.01.23

      What if Rado's watch is flooded? How to deal with the influent water? Beijing Rado after sales service center answers for you. In the process of using the Rado watch, we must pay attention to moisture-proof, moisture does great harm to the Rado watch. If the Rado watch accidentally gets water in the process of use, it should be dried and cleaned at the first time, otherwise the movement will be corroded due to wrong timing. So, what are the treatment methods of Rado watch water? Here by Beijing Rado maintenance center professional technicians for you, hope to help you.

      1、 The Rado watch can also be baked around the bulb with suitable temperature for a period of time. Although this method can really remove the water mist on the Rado watch, it is impossible to judge whether the Rado watch is completely dry or not. It can only be determined by professionals opening the back cover of the Rado watch. After the Rado watch is treated with moisture absorption, it is recommended that you go to Beijing Rado for after-sales inspection, Make sure there's no problem.


      2、 Once the Rado watch is affected by water and damp, if there is no condition to send it to Beijing Rado immediately for after-sales service, you can also deal with it yourself first. You can find some desiccant in the food package. Put Rado watch and food desiccant together in a sealed container, and you can breathe out moisture in a few hours. If you can find calcium chloride, you can also wrap calcium chloride with gauze and use it as desiccant, and the effect will be better.

      3、 Rado watch water, you can also use a hair dryer to dry, when the temperature is not too high, to use a mild wind drying, until you can not see the water on the watch glass; if this method still can not solve, then it must be sent to Beijing Rado after-sales for oil, should be immediately sent to a professional watch repair shop to wipe oil, remove the movement of water, in order to avoid the parts of raw Rust.

      Beijing Rado after-sales service center warm tips: if your watch water serious, do not think about their own treatment, it is best to immediately send to Beijing Rado after-sales oil, remove the movement of moisture, in order to avoid parts rust. As the old saying goes, don't delay repairing your watch to changing it. If you have any questions about watch maintenance, you are welcome to call or inquire.

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