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作者:雷达维修服务中心   日期:2021.02.16

       Rado, how to deal with water vapor? Now we Beijing Rado maintenance service center provide you with the following, for Rado's waterproof watch is very familiar to watch lovers, Rado watch in the waterproof performance is very good, but there will be water, now we Beijing Rado after-sales maintenance center will tell you about the causes and solutions of Rado watch water.

I、 What's the reason for the water in Rado's watch

       When we put on a watch, water will enter the watch with the gap of the watch handle, and sometimes water will enter the watch through the watch cover and back cover. Generally, waterproof aprons will be installed in these places, but the waterproof aprons also have a certain service life. Generally, the waterproof aprons will age after about 2-3 years of use, leading to the loss of tightness of the watch The water-proof ability will also decline, which will cause our watch to get into water. It is suggested to do a water-proof test for the watch every other year or two or replace the water-proof rubber ring.


II、 What about Rado's watch

       1. When Rado's watch is flooded, we can put our watch and desiccant together. Then put our watch in with a plastic wrap. After a day, the water in our watch will disappear.

       2. Put the watch inside and the bottom of the watch out, and put the watch back on the wrist. In about two hours, the moisture in our watch will disappear.

       3. If the water is serious, you can put the watch and the granular silica gel hair into a sealed container. After a few hours, take out the watch, and the water in the watch will disappear.

       4. We can also bury our watches in rice. Rice is a very common thing in our life. Rice has great water absorption. If we put the watch in the rice for half a day, the water in our watch can also be absorbed.

       5. If the above methods can not completely eliminate the water in the watch, it will be sent to the regular Beijing Rado after-sales service center to professional technicians.

       How to deal with water vapor in Rado watch? That's all about how to deal with water vapor in Rado watch. I hope this article can help you. If your Rado watch has any maintenance needs, please consult our Beijing Rado maintenance center, there will be professional technicians to provide you with the best service! "

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