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Maintenance method of radar belt

作者:雷达维修服务中心   日期:2021.06.13

       Radar belt is consumables, not durable goods! The watch strap can not be repaired later, it can only be maintained in advance to minimize the loss and prolong the service life. Here are some belt maintenance methods:

       Don't wear a watch immediately after summer exercise. Wear a watch after a certain period of time. Even if you wear a watch, you should wipe your sweat with a cloth. Watch belt is easy to be soaked in sweat, easy to corrosion, sweat erosion watch belt, watch belt deformation, hardening, rupture. In addition, in the process of daily use, the belt should avoid contact with water, oil, solvents, detergents or cosmetics to prevent leather discoloration or premature aging.

       Do not expose the watch strap to damp environment to avoid distortion, discoloration and corrosion. The skin layer is impermeable. It's the same whether it's a leather strap or a metal strap.

       Don't be exposed to the sun. If you are exposed to strong light for a long time, the surface of the watch strap will be decolorized, the cortex will accelerate aging, and the watch strap is easy to break. In case the watch strap breaks, you don't know when your watch will disappear.

Maintenance method of radar belt

       If the belt is sour, dip the toothbrush with soapy water, clean the dirt immediately, and wipe it with a wet cloth. In order to prevent the soap from penetrating into the cortex, the whole process should be completed within 20 seconds.

       In addition to some special circumstances, the belt should be well protected and well maintained in daily life. It is suggested to buy the skin care cream and wipe the skin surface every 2 ~ 3 months to ensure that the skin looks more beautiful and prolong its life.

       Regular application of a small amount of professional leather oil on the watch strap can increase the protective layer of the watch strap and make the watch strap bright.

       It's better to change more than two belts. The cortex also needs breathing, and ventilation can extend the life of the belt.

       Beijing radar after-sales service center warm tips: the above is the method of belt maintenance, if you need maintenance service, please contact Beijing radar service center, let experienced professional and technical personnel maintain the watch, quietly waiting for the belt to take on a new look.

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