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       Radar watch pointer rust how to do? Next, we Beijing radar maintenance service center provide hope for you. Generally, the watch pointer will not rust. Only when the watch is flooded, it is not handled in time or cleaned, which leads to the rust of the watch pointer. After the rust of the pointer, it may thicken the pointer and scratch the dial, thus causing arc rust marks or scratches on the dial. Next, we Beijing radar After sales service center to explain to you how to do radar watch pointer rust and how to prevent pointer rust.

       What should we do if the needle of radar watch is rusty?

       The needle of radar watch is high-grade and beautiful. However, when the watch is not treated in time due to water and long-term damp, the interior of the watch is not completely closed, so it is very easy to cause the needle to rust. When the rust grows downward, it will rub against the dial and cause arc-shaped scratches on the dial. If the needle of the watch is displaced or falls off, it is necessary to immediately stop pulling out the handle of the watch, stop the watch moving, and send it to the regular Beijing Radar Maintenance Center for maintenance. If the watch is severely shaken, you should carefully observe the pointer, especially whether the distance between the dial and the hour hand has changed. However, if you find that the pointer of the radar watch is rusty, you should repair it in time.


       If the rust is not serious, just remove the pointer and use a flannel to wipe off the rust. If the rust is serious, you need to put the pointer into the oil to soak it, and then wipe it off with a flannel cloth. If the rust and oxidation are serious, and the rust can not be wiped off by the above methods, you need to replace the pointer.

       How to prevent radar watch pin from rusting?

       Most of the reasons for the rust of the watch pointer are that the watch is not treated in time or cleaned up after water enters the watch. We try to avoid water entering the watch when wearing the watch. Generally, the watch pointer will not rust.

       Pulling out the watch handle often will cause water vapor to enter the watch through the gap of the watch handle, which will cause the pointer, movement, dial and other parts of the watch to rust. After pulling out the watch handle, we should remember to press it firmly without leaving any gap.

       Radar watch pointer rust how to do? The above is the radar watch pointer rust how to do all the content, I hope this content to help watch lovers. If you need any maintenance for your radar watch, please consult our Beijing radar maintenance center. There will be professional technicians to provide you with the best service!

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